About DesignME

DesignME is a conglomeration of labs and the ME Machine Shop that took official form during the summer of 2006. The individual labs that comprise the DesignME Suite have existed in some form in the Department of Mechanical Engineering for some time.


DesignME, located in room 0101 of the Engineering Lab Building (Building 089), is a set of teaching labs that provides capabilities and access to all students. Any student is welcome in the lab to work on projects or ask questions even if they are not an engineer. Our goal is to spread knowledge.


Anyone is welcome to prototype using our equipment, however there are specific priorities and time constraints that the staff must meet. Please contact Dr. Linda Schmidt  Or   Majid Aroom for questions regarding use of the machines.

Lab Accessibility

  • 24-hour access to DesignME lab provided to students in ENME371 or ENME472
  • Student access to DesignME computer lab requires presence of course instructor or teaching fellow
  • Student access to ProtoME is fully restricted unless a DesignME staff member is present
  • ME Shop is open for all student use. See shop for posted hours. Monday to Friday 8AM-6PM

Also see: Lab Procedures and Protocols (pdf)